17 Things to Soak up

    Welcome 17 Things to Soak Up!

    17 Things began as "23 Things" in many schools and libraries across the country. The objective of the program is to lead people down a path of learning about Web 2.0, and discovering more about the Internet. As a result, the design is based solely on technologies that are freely available online. We thought it would be appropriate to offer this learning experience to teachers here at Westside.

    You will be sharing your thoughts and learning on a personal blog you create. In this way, we will also track your progress for prizes. If you aren't interested in participating in that way, you can still use the "Things" to beef up your understanding of web 2.0! Your Mission, should you choose to continue, is to complete the following activities over the next 8 weeks.

    Week 1: Introduction

    1. Read this page for an introduction and some background on the program.

    2. Your Mission 1.0: Create a blog on instruct.westside66.org. Let Theresa & Carrie know once you have created your blog and we will link it to this page so that everyone can read about your journey. Sharing information in this way will help everyone learn more!

    3. Your Mission 1.1: Find an educational blog online, give the URL and tell us about it on your blog. If you already follow a good blog, please share the information about it, too.

    Week 2: Photos & Images

    4. There are many online photo hosting sites. For this exercise we are going to explore Flickr and learn more about this popular image hosting site.

    5. Have some fun with Flickr and take a look at some Flickr mashups.

    6. Your Mission 2.1: Create a blog post about anything technology related that interests you this week. (Your mission 2.0 is located on the informational page linked above on #4.)

    Week 3: YouTube, TeacherTube and Screenrecording

    7. Let's start here with some background information about YouTube and TeacherTube.

    8. Your mission:

    * Find a video on YouTube or TeacherTube

    * Record it using Quicktime

    * Upload it to your blog

    * Discuss any issues or concerns you had about these video sites.

    Week 4: RSS & Newsreaders

    9. Learn about RSS feeds and setup your own newsreader account.

    10. Your Mission: Locate a few useful education related blogs and/or news feeds. Set up your own RSS subscription to one or more of these sites. Tell us which sites you chose and why!

    Week 5: Play Week

    11. Look at some of the fun PhotoGenerating sites:

    * The Generator Blog: Some free, some cost

    * Letter James: Create personalized e-cards and more

    * BigHugeLabs: Create custom pictures from your digital photos

    12. Who says Google knows everything about Internet searching? Check out these lesser known search engines:

    * blekko.com: Spam free and it allows you to create an account so you can link sites with your own slashtag!

    * Spezify: Visual search engine

    * OWL (Open Web Learning): For learning and teaching (owned by Google)

    Week 6: Tagging, Social Bookmarking & Technorati

    13. Learn about tagging and check out Delicious (a social bookmarking site). Explore Technorati and learn how tags work with blog posts

    14. Your Mission: On Technorati, do a search for Web 2.0 under Blogs, then search for the same in Posts. What other tags could be valuable to you either personally or professionally? Add a post discussing your thoughts on tagging, to your blog.

    Week 7: Wikis

    15. Learn about wikis and discover some innovative ways that classrooms are using them.
    16. Your Mission: Add a post to the your blog.

    Week 8

    17. Your Mission: Summarize your thoughts about this program on your blog.

    Did you know that we keep an area on our website called Warrior Pathfinders? You can find them under the "Library Media Link" in the left menu. They are websites for curricular areas.