Week #8 Summary

Well, I learned how to do an RSS feed, I also learned about tagging. Those are two I definately will use. Some of this was expanding what I already know as I am not really afraid to try new technology. I did like hearing about things I hadn't heard of before, plus, I think our kids need us to dabble for the new "thing" that will be helpful. That said, I also think that we need to move slowly. Our team tried some new technology tools this year, and I think that we discovered that sometimes, newer is not always better.

I loved sharpening my skills in capturing video the best in this experience. That is the one that I will use the most often. (And used multiple times since we started this journey!) Wikis would be my second favorite, but as long as we have blackboard, I think that I will use that in my NDE contracting work the most and not so much here at school. I appreciate the time you took to put this together Carrie! Thank-you!

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Week #7

I have my own wiki that I use like Blackboard for my work with KICKS. I also have one for Warriors of the Dance and for my grad school portfolio. Students can only see these wikis if you give them the link, so sometimes handy for communication that students DON'T need access to!

Here is the link for my work with KICKS: http://kicks2earthspace.wikispaces.com/
Here is the link for Warriors of the Dance: http://warriorsofthedance.wikispaces.com/

I prefer wikispaces as a wiki hosting site. You can get an educators free liscense and you/your viewers won't have banner ads. I have lots of documents/videos, etc. and haven't hit the data limit yet.

I still am reluctant about using them in class, so for that using the school wiki would be good. A little more contained for sure! Although sometimes I think wikis are another form of blackboard, depending on how they are used. (which is what I need more practice on!)


Week #6

I think it is funny that when I started searching the Technorati site, I pulled up one of the RSS feeds I've found. The search term I used was geology. I think content will be big for me to follow. Science changes so rapidly that we have to change what we teach. So, tags like geology, astronomy, meteorology will be huge. Natural resources and global climate change also will be big, and thought provoking, I'm sure.

I also worry as we promote the tagging that critical thinking needs to continue to be taught. Any random person could be blogging on there and our tag hit just moved them up on a list of "experts." Without caution, we are just adding to the feeding frenzy.

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Week #5

I didn't really find much to play with this week. (Were we supposed to do homework again over break? Really Turner?!) ;) BTW - Just checking to see if you read these. I think I agree with Faussome that the search engines could get risky. I did like the generator site. That looked like fun and I did dabble a bit in that one. Again, that looks like a site that would be too addictive for me.

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Week #4

I chose a news feed from the University of Michigan, Earth science site of the week. A professor there has his grad students compile/review websites, activities and jokes. I find all sorts of cool stuff when it comes in. They post once a week and I chose an email delivery. I know I won't open a webpage or want one more thing to log into. However, I will clean out my email regularly. I then post the items I like best to my Twitter account.

(sidenote: not sure if this counts as an RSS feed due to the fact that they use a listserv. However, I go looking for what I need and don't like a lot of "extra" stuff coming in, so I don't usually use/want RSS feeds.)

THEN, I went out and found this one:

This is the planetarium where Neil DeGrassi Tyson works. Yep, I'm a groupie.


Week #3

I LOVE using YouTube videos. You can often find popular movie/music video clips that will provide a great analogy for what you are teaching in class. I use the freeware Tooble for downloading relevant YouTube videos. I like that it makes it into an m4v file that will play on iTunes. Here is an example of one that I use in class:

This is used for teaching about Einstein's theory of how gravity works.


Week #2

I think this entry is late, but come on! Last week was a short week. Who gives homework on a short week anyway?

Not MY beach, but still on my mind!
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Educational blog

The blog I follow for educational purposes is really more like a clearing house of blogs:


Great articles on anything educational. Sometimes controversial, sometimes inspirational, lots of conversations!


Here I go!

OK. Here's my 17 things blog. Hopefully I will learn a lot and not bore anyone. I've never had a blog because I don't feel like what I have to say is that important. Guess we'll find out.