Week #8 Summary

    Well, I learned how to do an RSS feed, I also learned about tagging. Those are two I definately will use. Some of this was expanding what I already know as I am not really afraid to try new technology. I did like hearing about things I hadn't heard of before, plus, I think our kids need us to dabble for the new "thing" that will be helpful. That said, I also think that we need to move slowly. Our team tried some new technology tools this year, and I think that we discovered that sometimes, newer is not always better.

    I loved sharpening my skills in capturing video the best in this experience. That is the one that I will use the most often. (And used multiple times since we started this journey!) Wikis would be my second favorite, but as long as we have blackboard, I think that I will use that in my NDE contracting work the most and not so much here at school. I appreciate the time you took to put this together Carrie! Thank-you!


    Turner, Carrie
    May 4, 2012

    I love what you said about "newer is not always better"! The same holds true for technology. I don't mean "newer" so much as different. I applaud you for expanding your horizons with this exercise & I'm glad you learned some new things!