Week #6

    I think it is funny that when I started searching the Technorati site, I pulled up one of the RSS feeds I've found. The search term I used was geology. I think content will be big for me to follow. Science changes so rapidly that we have to change what we teach. So, tags like geology, astronomy, meteorology will be huge. Natural resources and global climate change also will be big, and thought provoking, I'm sure.

    I also worry as we promote the tagging that critical thinking needs to continue to be taught. Any random person could be blogging on there and our tag hit just moved them up on a list of "experts." Without caution, we are just adding to the feeding frenzy.


    Turner, Carrie
    Apr 16, 2012

    Excellent thought! Once more it is imperative we are teaching those evaluative skills, not just assuming one is an "expert" because they are capable of tagging a blog. Hence the idea that those evaluative skills must be taught outside the realm of "library teaching". It is something we cannot expect students to know or "get" the first time we discuss it. As with any concept, it must be reinforced at every opportunity!