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About 17 weeks

Well, I have enjoyed the challenge of 17 things.... I learned a lot. I have to be honest i am not sure if i will put them in my classroom right now but i am SO SO VERY happy to have a better understanding of what is out there. I would be very interested in a " 17 things part 2" maybe something to think about. The one thing I have enjoyed is the blogging.... I enjoy just letting out what i think and feel. I know you read them but it like I am talking to someone and they do not talk back they just listen. So I might keep on blogging here about things that come to mind.

Things on my mind today:
Wife's first day back to work...hope it goes well
Max's first day without mom....really hope that goes well.



Well, what do I think of using wikis in educational. They are very nice to have a group discussion board. I have tried to use them in the past. The hard part was getting the kids to do it ( of there own free will, no points). As of right now i do not use one. With people using more i need to start using it. The question is how and will it help the education of the students. I do not want to use is because it is cool. I want to use it because it makes my students learn better!!! ok i have to go pick up my little one from day care....see ya later


Techorati and tagging

Well what do i think about Techorati and tagging. I do not do alot of it on facebook ( yes my wife does). I think it has some great benifits to helping search things. It gives the author a way of labeling. I also got the feeling it was just like a google search....i looking up something for chemistry and got some great stuff and some stuff that should not be on there. If we can create something to stop the bad stuff from getting on there that would be very cool. But i think i will use this soon, more to search...maybe to tag something if i need. Not sure if i am a week behind, i took spring break off. :)


This week

I looked at this sire and played around a little bit...kinda cool and the search engines are very nice. I enjoyed the picture one the best... spezify.com i think...it is bookmarked. Well not much going on very excited to have spring break. I have a couple lawn project s i can not wait to get done. I love this time of year. But i need to get caught up on some sleep too. Have a great spring break!!!


Back to my blog...week 4

Well, i am back....crazy i kinda like just putting stuff in here...i wish i had more time i would blog about all kinds of noninteresting stuff. i guess i have to be a better speller and typer but i am off on a tangent. This week we start a RSS feed. Well guess what i picked a science one.....CRAZY. well i thought i could continue to learn more about science. Here is the URL to the RSS feed. feed://www.sciencedaily.com/rss/matter_energy/chemistry.xml
it has some really cool stuff.... i really like this one
Brown liquor and solar cells to provide sustainable electricity

what are you doing mike all this copy and pasting......i better get ready for the day.....read on, learn on

Happy Tuesday



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Just because

Not sure if anyone will ever read this but it is kinda nice to just let your feeling go. I thought that i was good with technology...well good has felt and REALLY BAD took its place. What happened? Why my great knowledge of technology go. LIfe gets in the way...is the easier way of saying it. There is so many things i can and like to do that some skill i should have learned did not happen.....i feel as i am an old model of ipod.....things change so fast. I am left in the old junk draw.....do i work...yes....but there is a better model.

Well enough of this i have to get some work done.....thanks to all my readers!!!! if there are any out there.

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Here is my picture

Wow i must behind the rest of the group but i did learn a ton in about five minutes. First flickr has about 1000 picture uploaded every couple minutes. My example is the picture about I downloaded it and then stepped away for a couple minutes without getting how took the picture and so many more pictures were upload i could not find the picture again. No worry with a great teacher, she helped me use this as a learning experience to learn about flickr. SO i when straight to my comfort food.......CANDY as you can see below this picture was taking by geekdarling...well geekdarling thanks for the vitral comfort food.

Picture by geekdarling.


chemistry blog site


I enjoy reading some of these...wish i had more time


Why Teach

February and march or the two months I as myself why teach....is that because of the let down of the holidays? No breaks? Disrespect of students? maybe all of them.

But the simple reason for me to teach comes to me at 11:00 oclock at night then again at 2:30 am and once more at 5:30 am.......my kids. I want.....no need to make this a better place. How i do it is not always right, but i try my best.
wow the power i have.