Well, what do I think of using wikis in educational. They are very nice to have a group discussion board. I have tried to use them in the past. The hard part was getting the kids to do it ( of there own free will, no points). As of right now i do not use one. With people using more i need to start using it. The question is how and will it help the education of the students. I do not want to use is because it is cool. I want to use it because it makes my students learn better!!! ok i have to go pick up my little one from day care....see ya later


    Turner, Carrie
    Apr 17, 2012

    I so agree with you there! Just using the "next best thing" because it is that, isn't what we as educators are about. At least I hope it isn't! I prefer to look at technology and evaluate whether it will meet the needs of the STUDENTS or not. It isn't about meeting my needs or desire to be on the cutting edge! It is about their needs and how they learn best.
    Remember when it was all about different modes of learning, right brain vs. left brain, visual vs. kinesthetic vs. tactile learners? (Am I dating myself??) Is that what we need to do with technology? Perhaps choose different modes and offer the students different ways to learn using technology?

    Fauss, Mike
    Apr 19, 2012

    To be honest i know technology NEEDS too be in education, but how, when, where, and sometimes why i have no idea. I have thought about this alot in my last couple of years. The educational system of today is, at the very basic level, is still the educational system of 100 years ago. Yes change needs to happen....but again how, when, where and sometimes why. But this is why i like this, It gives me a starting place to brew up some ideas. Thanks for what you have done.

    Turner, Carrie
    Apr 24, 2012

    All great questions. In my mind, technology needs to be embedded in education, because that is what the future holds for our students. But technology can't be in a lesson simply because it is technology. As with any lesson, if there is no educational value in the technology if we are not asking students to stretch their learning in new and SIGNIFICANT ways. We have to stay away from simply embracing technology because of WHAT it is, and choose it because of how it can enhance and deepen the learning experience. Once you become comfortable with different technology tools, the educator in you will begin to see ways of meshing some into your classroom. You aren't the kind of teacher that would sacrifice learning for "the next best thing". I think that's why you struggle with this. =)