Just because

    Not sure if anyone will ever read this but it is kinda nice to just let your feeling go. I thought that i was good with technology...well good has felt and REALLY BAD took its place. What happened? Why my great knowledge of technology go. LIfe gets in the way...is the easier way of saying it. There is so many things i can and like to do that some skill i should have learned did not happen.....i feel as i am an old model of ipod.....things change so fast. I am left in the old junk draw.....do i work...yes....but there is a better model.

    Well enough of this i have to get some work done.....thanks to all my readers!!!! if there are any out there.


    Turner, Carrie
    Mar 19, 2012

    If it makes you feel any better, I read the blogs! The thing with technology is that, yes, it is ever-changing. But I think once you get some things under your belt, when they "evolve", you are better equipped to handle it. No worries! Sadie & Max will probably leave you in the dust when the time comes, anyway! =)